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We are a web agency specialized in designing and creating websites, which we tailor to the customer’s needs with a customized study.

Each phase, from discussing the idea, to defining the strategy, to the actual creation of the website, is based on constant dialogue with the customer, to have a full understanding of their goals, expectations, and aspirations.

Why create a website?

The web is a vast virtual world where people spend a lot of time, making it a place where encounters can happen – encounters that can turn into opportunities, and opportunities that can lead to climbing the peaks that were not even expected at the beginning of the journey.

Not being present in this world means missing out on many opportunities, and creating a website is the best way to be found in this large and diverse showcase.

Before making a purchase, it’s now a common practice to do online research to gather more information about the product or service of interest, evaluating the results through reviews of products and services and by requesting quotes, all in order to make more informed purchases and avoid scams.

In this perspective, having a website may not be enough, it’s necessary for the website to occupy the top positions in search results, the ones that users focus on. This is why when entering this world, the prices of website creation cannot be the only concern or the only criteria for judgment among the various proposals: to win the favor of search engines, you need to have a clear understanding of your objectives, design a coherent strategy, and adopt best practices that only experts can apply properly.

It would be difficult to do everything on your own, you would risk wasting time and energy in creating free websites that however would not help you achieve any results due to poor quality.

We love taking care of a project from start to finish and, above all, constantly supporting it in its growth path.

What do we do?

First of all, in order to create a professional website, we will ask you who you are and what your goals are.

Your website can have different objectives, but whatever they are, it is essential to establish a priority among them, only in this way will you be able to make sensible and logical choices regarding the design and content of the site. Therefore, the first thing we will ask you is what your company really needs, what the starting point is, and what purpose the website you want to create will serve.

WordPress Website Development

Creative, lightweight websites that are easy to manage, completely customizable, with careful attention to the configuration of the theme, plugins, and add-ons, and with the utmost attention to site security.

Creating business websites

We help you increase visibility and acquire new customers with customized websites specifically designed for your business.

Website development with responsive design

We have been in the “mobile-first” era for some years now: all the websites and products we develop are fully optimized for mobile.

Creation of catalog websites

We create websites with lists of products, interactive catalogs, with and without online shopping carts

E-learning websites

We create websites for online education, using both CMS and developing fully custom platforms

Mini-sites or one-page websites

We develop mini-sites for single products or services, dedicated to events, showcase websites, or single-page sites

Landing page

We develop landing pages for Google Ads or social media advertising campaigns.

Website restyling and optimization

Web development is not our only activity. If you already have a website that is not producing the desired results, it may be time for a restyling. The reason is not necessarily due to poor quality work, but rather because times evolve, markets change, and so do users and their way of browsing online. At the same time, new players are entering the market and competition is becoming more challenging.

That’s why it’s good to periodically conduct a website audit to understand possible actions to make it shine again.

We also support you in this activity, helping you in any choice and guiding you to rethink how you present yourself and renew yourself in every aspect, to avoid being excluded from the market and to keep up with the latest trends.

The restyling of the website is naturally done with concern for the SEO optimization of the site, from the structure, organization, and creation of SEO-oriented content, optimization of images, link structure, to the more technical aspects of performance optimization.

What should a website be like?

A high-performing website cannot rely solely on graphic quality. Although an appealing appearance certainly helps, other factors of vital importance must be taken into account in the website creation process.

Clear objectives

Creating a website without clear goals can be a waste of time and resources.


Even a website that is not easy and intuitive to use for the intended users can make all the efforts put into it futile: it is necessary that the visitor is able to find all the necessary information in the shortest possible time, otherwise the risk is to lose a potential customer.

Excellent UX

An attractive and effective UX is essential to make your brand image credible, which is why it is crucial to study graphic and navigability elements based on the needs and characteristics of the user you are addressing, trying to offer persuasive and easily accessible content.

Easily navigable

A website with good navigability implies that it has a logical content structure and a coherent and hierarchical organization of contents. This aspect is positively perceived by both users, who can immediately understand who you are and what you do, and search engines, which will easily be able to interpret your contents.


As we know, users on the web have no time to waste, they want clear and above all fast information. If your site struggles to load, they won't have the patience to wait for all the components of the page to materialize in front of their eyes, they'll close it immediately to switch to some other resource, and you'll have lost a potential customer. That's why it's essential to create a fast and high-performance site. To do this, the first thing to do is to choose a provider that guarantees maximum speed and reliability, then you need to implement a good caching system and optimize the size and weight of media elements such as images and videos to the maximum.

Design and Communication Ability

All elements of the website, from graphics to design to layout, must communicate the message you intend to convey in order to enhance the values of your service and your company.

Optimization for Mobile Devices

It is now established that users use smartphones to navigate online, which is why it is essential in the creation phase of a website to ensure that a responsive site is developed, that is a site in which all content that has been organized and structured across the various pages is fully adaptable to mobile devices, all resolutions and all devices.

Optimized for search engines

The effort put into creating a fantastic website full of useful information may not be enough if no one knows that the website exists or cannot be found through searches, thus it cannot be useful in increasing conversions. The creation of SEO-optimized websites, which are the result of careful analysis and customized SEO strategies, is a fundamental characteristic for the website to truly bring the desired value.

Why choose W&B Asset Studio

Often, it is thought that embarking on the creation of a DIY website is a simple, economical and accessible task for everyone. However, behind this seemingly easy task, there are pitfalls that may require expert intervention later on to remedy any errors, which could prove to be much more costly than entrusting the creation of a quality website from the beginning to a development agency.

This is because the creation of effective websites follows precise phases that must be respected, something that we do with great foresight and accuracy.

Here are some reasons why you should rely on an experienced company for the creation of websites and sleep peacefully throughout all phases of the work.

Choosing the right provider and domain

We will find the best provider on the market in terms of quality, pricing, services, reliability, and support. In case you don't have one, we will study the most suitable name for your needs, objectives, market, and target.

Web Secuirty

We specialize in computer security and the security of your business will be at the center of our operations because we will adopt all the best security practices to make you feel safe.

SEO Optimization

We will take care of Keyword Research for the creation of an SEO-friendly site structure and the production of SEO-oriented content.

Web design and development

We will design all the work phases and develop your site in a development environment, and only when everything is ready and approved by you, it will be put into production and made available to end-users.

Ongoing SEO monitoring and optimization

If you wish, we will take care of monitoring the positioning and search performance, and then adjust and improve the performance on search engines.

Professional Cloud Storage

We guarantee your website a safe and reliable storage space.

Assistance and Maintenance

We will be by your side in all the periodic operations of updating CMS and plugins that are necessary for the site to function perfectly. These are delicate activities where something could go wrong, so expert support will help you to stay calm.

Customer Training

We will provide you with all the tools to enable you to manage your website independently, but we will be ready to assist you in case you encounter issues that you cannot solve on your own.

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There is no standard cost for creating websites, as each project has its own specific characteristics and different degrees of complexity.

This means that considering the creation of free websites could be a major limitation for the realization of a quality website. To give some rough indication, the price ranges vary depending on the type of website. The cost of a one-page website optimized for search engines is around €500/600. The cost of a landing page can range from €400 to €800. The cost of a showcase website with a HomePage, services page, about us page, and contact page can range from €600 to €1500.

As with costs, the timelines also depend on the size and complexity of the project. A few weeks for smaller sites, a few months for more complex projects that require many customizations. In any case, after discussing and analyzing all the phases of the project with the client, the estimate that we will submit to the client will specify the timelines for the creation and delivery of the website.

It will depend on the technical solutions that you choose to adopt and the size of the website.

First of all, remember the domain renewal costs, which can range from €4 to €100 per year.

As for hosting costs, they range from €40 per year for small sites up to several thousand euros for larger sites.

Maintenance costs of the website should also be taken into account, which also depend on the size of the project. Generally, for medium-sized dynamic sites, the cost is around €400 per year.

There are other services that may be paid, such as the privacy policy and cookie policy (€50 to €150 per year), as well as server services such as antivirus, antispam, and backup (€100 to €200 per year), as well as any licenses for plugins to install on the CMS, such as themes or page builders, or plugins to make the site multilingual (€50 to €150 per year).

You can choose whether to provide us with the texts and graphic content or to entrust them to our team. In the latter case, this work will affect the total estimate for the website development.

Certainly, we will provide you with the necessary training to make you as independent as possible. We will estimate the number of hours you need, and the corresponding cost, for all the aspects you want to deepen.

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