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Radio equipment supply system

We created a system for Media Vox that allows its customers to obtain acoustic equipment in a simple, fast, and controlled way.

In fact, customers have the possibility to reserve equipment by declaring the type of product, the quantity, the address where they should be delivered or picked up.

From their profile, the customer can monitor the delivery and declare whether the shipment or pick-up was successful, if all the products are intact or if there were any delivery delays.

Furthermore, the system fully automates the management of invoices, emails, notifications, and alerts of all kinds.

Private Investigations Marketplace

Fidavo is the first marketplace dedicated to the world of private investigations where agencies and investigators meet with the aim of providing customers with investigations in a fast and innovative way, keeping all aspects of a case under control.

Agencies can sell investigation services and then entrust them to registered agents, they can manage their customers on a single platform and speed up all bureaucratic procedures through a series of automations that make service delivery more streamlined and efficient.

Customers receive all the updates on the case in real time as they are equipped with PWA, a type of app that is also used by agents as a real work tool that allows them to collect all the evidence and documentation needed to finalise the investigation.

Given the international perspective of the marketplace, we developed a SaaS that allows Fidavo’s staff to manage the various national marketplaces with a simple and intuitive panel.

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